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Funny Customer Decisions on Aftercare on their FRESH piercing

As body piercers we all ...well most of us give as much information as possible in regards to aftercare for our body piercings that we perform, we for example have been described as Air stewards and stewardesses waving our arms about like we are playing cherards or having a rave , we are quite happy talking in regards to this for 20 minutes after a piercing as well as giving an aftercare sheet for night time reading which is usually still in a handbag on the next visit, " Nope don't need another it's still here ".

No matter how hard you try there are always some that don't take in any information and decide to go Kamikaze with their aftercare .

Here are a some Real examples from our studio .

1.Girl " My tongue is a little sore after the piercing, it does still need downsized but its

sore "

Piercer " Oh lets have a look, hmmm have you been using the Mouthwash or using a salt solution to rinse your mouth ? "

Girl " emmm yeah not much, but last week i went to the beach and gargled Sea water 3 times to help it heal "

Piercer " whattttttttttttttttt "

2.Girl " My nose and also Helix just is not healing at all can i pop in? "

Piercer " Yes of course just pop in and we can have a look "

Girl walks into studio with white cream smeared over all the side of nose and all over her ear.

Piercer " What is that cream ? "

Girl " My mam is a nurse and she said when i got home with my new piercings to smear Sudocrem all over both piercings as it will help them heal "

Piercer " whatttttttttttttttttttttt" ( Sudocrem forms a barrier and with this on a piercing it will never heal, we cleaned it off and gave our aftercare instructions again and within a week the healing process was going well)

3. Girl comes in with her mam,

Mam says " My daughter had her tongue pierced 3 weeks ago and is due a refit but its still sore "

Piercer " Oh dear lets have a look to see what's going on " has an inspection and notices the bar is slightly different colour to our usual titanium bars.

Piercer " Are you sure this is the original bar ? "

Girl " Yes, Yes it is, you fitted it "

Piercer takes bar out and checks with a magnet and it is not titanium as titanium does not contain nickel so is not magnetic.

Piercer explains this to the mam and daughter.

Girl " I'm so sorry, i swapped it with a girl at school in the playground" girl hangs her head.

Mam " whattttttttttttttttttttttttttt "

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