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Schools Against piercings

Well.... where do we start? Obviously there are certain piercings which we advise against for children that go to school, one of which is the Industrial Piercing. Imagine getting into a scuffle and having one of those bad boys pulled out, also they do tend to be one of the more painful piercings to be fair and any cartilage ( upper helix ) take a while to heal .

Getting onto the subject i was wanting to Blog about..... A short while ago a girl came into the studio with her mother and we were informed that from birth this girl has had real bad migraines. The girl was 15 year old and had been on medication from birth with outbreaks every couple of days. We recommended trying a daith piercing, which her mother agreed to try.

Two weeks later the girls mother rang up and told us withing a day she has not had any pain whatsoever, infact was first time in her life this has happened. We are not medical experts and to be honest i dont care how this works but it helped someone in their life.

Low and behold the school said NO!!! so they went to their GP who said he could not give a letter as its not proven science. This girl had to take it out and is now back on Medication for life.

This sucks in my opinion, does a daith piercing that sits neatly inside the ear really going to cause an issue at school?

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