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Punkture Body piercing Academy has been running for some years now and is located in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. Our feedback is second to none and our studio which consists of Tattoo room in the front of building and Piercing studio in an adjacent room, with a separate training room. The whole atmosphere is very relaxed and a high standard sterile environment.

Our Business not only has the Academy where we run our bodypiercing course as stated but we also have a Tattoo studio, Piercing, and Beauty salon which has a wide range of treatments from Lashes, Nails, Facials, Massage, Semi-permanent makeup plus lots more. 


 Upcoming course dates

We do advise booking 3 months in advance as the spaces have been known to go very promptly .



2 DAYS TRAINING 4 students (16 hours) ONLY £380 

Maximum of 7 Piercings on Volunteers 


2 DAYS TRAINING ONE TO ONE ( 10 hours ) £420

Maximum of 13 Piercings on Volunteers

Must Supply models 


One To One Available dates


1-1 Course April 12th and 13th

1-1 Course April 19th and 20th 

1-1 Course April 25th and 27th

1-1 Course May 18th and 19th

 1-1 Course May 23rd and 24th


Group Classes Max 4 Students #


April 29th (1 Space)

May 27th ( 2 Spaces )

June 24th ( 2 Spaces) 

July 29th ( 2 Spaces )

2 Day Piercing Course times 

1-1    10am - 3am

Group Class 10am-6pm

Some of our Past Students
from Our 2 Day Body Piercing Training 
Student at Punkture Body Piercing Academy Gateshead
Student at Punkture Body Piercing Academy Gateshead
Student at Punkture Body Piercing Academy Gateshead
Student at Punkture Body Piercing Academy Gateshead
Student at Punkture Body Piercing Academy Gateshead
students at our body piercing academy gateshead
student at punkture piercing academy
student at punkture piercing academy
Student at Punkture Body Piercing Academy Gateshead
Student at Punkture Body Piercing Academy Gateshead
student at punkture piercing academy
Punkture body piercing academy
Well done and best of luck after your training at punkture body piercing academy
Well done to one of our many students at our academy
Student from punkture academy piercing
our lovely students at punkture academy
Student at Punkture Body Piercing Academy Gateshead
Punkture accredited body piercing course student
Punkture Academy piercing gateshead

We are one of the few Accredited Body Piercing Training facilities in the UK. We strive to give you as much knowledge as possible so you may continue on this path. 

Please remember that being Accredited is vital to gain Insurance and also gives the comfort in knowing that the training given is at a very high standard. 

No to Piercing Guns, There are MANY reasons why NOT. With permission form this girls Mother we were honoured to use her picture, pierced with needles and never even moved. The smile says it all

With permission from this girls Mother we just wanted to show the joy in her face after NOT having her ears pierced with a Gun. There are many reasons why you should not have your ears pierced by a gun, here are some of them :- 


1 . The Gun can't be totally sterile, blood waste on the handle may cause cross contamination which could be serious. 

2. The gun fires the stud way too tight into an ear, not giving any room for healing and also causes bruising and sometimes damaging cartilage. 

3. The studs themselves are often very cheap materials creating allergy responses leading to infection due to scratching. 

4. Under trained staff with no idea on health and safety and contraindications. 

5. The gun itself can get stuck in ear when piercing with it. 

 At Punkture Body Piercing Academy we only use high quality Titanium jewelry for every piercing we perform. We recommend that every piercer uses titanium initially to cut down on any allergy issues. 


Punkture Body Piercing Training

2 Day Body Piercing Training Gateshead















Punkture BODY PIERCING Academy, Gateshead, United Kingdom

Body Piercing Course 

Punkture Piercing Academy is located in a great position close to major rail network and 5 minutes from the A1. There are many Hotels, bed and breakfast in the area which we will happily suggest to you. 

Local to the studio there are many shops and we are 15 minutes from  Newcastle Quayside. 

Parking is fine next to our studio there are plenty of FREE parking spaces. 


We do supply refreshments and snacks the first day.

Everyone that has attended the course so far have left smiling and happy with the content that has been given and we often catch up with our students at later dates and honoured to find them working in studios and having success. 

Our Master Piercer has pierced approx 10,000 piercings and will calmly guide you through each piercing giving reassurance and guidance throughout the whole procedure when it comes to piercing models. 

We are an Accredited Provider and our Piercing Course is also Accredited, this is essential for you to  obtain your Piercing Insurance.




The first day we will run through an initial welcome talk and introductions. Following this we will run through the important parts of Health and Safety and Safe Sterile environment. Next we will give information in regards to a small business plan and explain how to get a licence and what you must have in place to gain this .

We will then run through all aspects of the correct jewellery materials, lengths and clamps as well as needle sizes and marking up of approx 16 piercings .

We run through the procedure of the following :-



We will give a booklet with all that is learnt on the course which we expect you will read on the 1st evening ...

You will run through some practicals throughout the day and practice marking up on each other, holding the clamps in the correct manner and practicing setting up the studio.


The following day you will have min of 5 volunteers to pierce per student, you are welcome to arrange your own but we will provide. Not only will you pierce you will watch the whole procedure. Our piercer is at hand every second and will take you through it in a slow controlled relaxed manner .


There will be a scoring system throughout the weekend to make sure you listen and follow instructions as best you can .


Everyone so far has loved the course, you will hear us over and over saying take things slow once you leave the studio...start small gain confidence and you will grow as we have seen with many previous students .

We do supply volunteers but we would like each student to bring at least one model for the second day. 

But do not worry if this is a problem. 


MAX 5 STUDENTS. Place held with a non-refundable £150 deposit.

We do require the final payment a week before the Course date

We also have our 1-1 Piercing course which is £420 over 2 Days.

Students must bring your own models unless distance is an issue and we will supply, also we supply at closer distances if you struggle. 












Due to strict guidelines we can only train students that are not within the 3 mile radius from the Academy. This is common practice in many training schools. 

Snacks included throughout day and we can supply start up Kits if needed. 

Course Content


How to apply for licence and what does your environmental office require

The correct sized and material Jewellery that you should use 

Positioning of piercings that work with anatomy of customer

Sterile conditions that are the foremost in every studio

Health and Safety 

Consultation forms 

Aftercare verbally and also in paper form

Practice on 1st day on fake body parts 

Autoclave instruction


On going support after the course

Problems that may occur with piercings 

Regulations and age limits and Why?

Certificate on completion 

Correct Practice methods 

Business Plans 

List of UK based Providers for Insurance, Autoclave rental and Suppliers

Risk Assessment

First Aid

Record Keeping

How to attract more business

Waste collection and correct methods of disposing of waste 

Workshop based activities practicing needle positioning, fitting of jewellery, correct piercing steps, on fake body parts. 


Lobes including seconds and thirds, Helix, Flat, Conch, Daith, Tragus, Nose, Septum

Lips, Tongue, Industrial, Nipples, Navel ( belly ), Smiley, Skin divers . 


You will  be working in the studio meeting and greeting volunteers, dealing with consultations, picking the correct jewellery and clamps, setting up your work station. You will then be given piercings to perform on the customers throughout the day.  Our aim is to give each student a maximum of 7 different piercings  in different areas to Pierce so it is paramount that when you chose your volunteers you pick different areas AS SEEN IN OUR PDF COURSE INFO.

All of our Students have given great feedback and the majority have gone on to pursue their career in Body Piercing as we keep in touch. 

This course has been very successful so far with many of our students moving into this career, whether its working in their own business or renting a chair, We always say go steady and gain confidence. 

We often get past students popping in to see us and we would love you to do this also and let us know how things are going, we are here after the course also to give you any help you may need. 


Any person wishing to book,  must not live or work within 3 Miles of the course location.










Cheryl Allan  recommends Punkture Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio.

Attended the training course this weekend and what an experience! absolutely loved every minute of it, Jay and Marie were brilliant every step of the way and really lovely people, full of knowledge and experience and went through everything in fine detail to make sure everything was explained and instructed properly. The actual hands on training was brilliant too lots of different piercings to do and experience, i was very nervous on the spot but was made to feel at ease and gain some confidence I can't wait to get up and running, thanks both again x

Abbie Bircumshaw  recommends Punkture Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio

Recently attended their academy to complete a piercing course and it was amazing start to finish. Marie and Jay are both are like a piercing oracle and answered anything you could think of. The amount of knowledge they cram into the weekend is impressive. You’ll walk in nervous, and leave with a sense of confidence knowing you can do it if you follow the steps they have shown you. Can’t wait to start off small and build my way up and let you know how I’m doing. The difference between 1 mm is forever engraved into my brain

Thank you so much guys. I’m sure I’ll be back in touch at some point

Tom Shinkwin  recommends Punkture Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio

I could not stress anymore at how absolutely amazing this place an owners are if you haven’t done the piercing course DO IT because it’s worth it as the experience of Marie an Jason is sublime an just so down to earth it’s not the last they will be seeing me thank you to so much

Sophie Preston  recommends Punkture Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio.

I couldn’t recommend this studio enough ! I traveled down from Scotland to do the piercing course and it was great . Loads of information and great tips . Jay and Marie were amazing and really helpful . I can’t wait to get started thanks again !

Lisa Newman  recommends Punkture Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio.

I have just completed my piercing training with these guys today and i absolutely love it and they go though everything step by step with you its being amazing experience i highly recommended them if your looking into do piercings they are very professional. id do it again in a heart beat. thank you so much for everything

Punkture Body piercing academy gateshead
Accredited piercing training uk
student learning room at Punkture Academy Piercing
students practice at punkture academy uk
Yell Punkture Body Piercing Training UK
Student Piercing Room
Student training room Body piercing training gateshead
Piercing fake noses at our Body piercing Academy
Clamps all ready for our Body piercing course uk
Fake body parts all ready for the day on our accredited body piercing training

Punkture Body Piercing academy Gateshead

For any more info please call 07720 780788 and we can run through the whole 2 Day Accredited Body Piercing course with you.

Our Aim of this course is to give the Student as much information possible to not only Pierce in the correct manner, but to give an understanding on how a Body Piercing Studio should be run in a safe environment, not only protecting the customer but to protect yourself as a piercer. After this course you will have an understanding on the following:-

  • Correct Customer Care and understanding of Duty Of Care. 

  • Confidence in choosing correct clamps, needles, jewellery for the job at hand .

  • Consent to pierce forms and Aftercare and why this is as important as the actual piercing itself.

  • Marking parts of anatomy to be pierced with an understanding why in that position.

  • Being confident with cannula needles, control and disposal. 

  • Having an understanding of the most common piercing procedures. 

  • Perform the Piercings yourself with guidance and in steps. 

  • Government legislation in regards to environmental Health. 

  • An idea of business plan and Recommended Suppliers.

  • Understand contra-indications, age limits ( morale judgement ), possible difficulties with piercings and the correct manner to deal with it. 

Message via Facebook link here ->>>> 



14  Victoria Terrace

Wrekenton, Gateshead


07720 780788




Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
​​Saturday: 10am - 6pm
​Sunday: 11am - 4pm

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