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Brief History

The Punkture Academy was founded in 2016 and operates within a working Body Piercing, Tattoo, and Beauty studio. As a Master Piercer with over 10 years of experience and approx 10,000 piercings completed, Jay has a wealth of knowledge. In addition to setting up his Tattoo and Body Piercing studio, Jay established a good relationship with his customers and built up a large client base. After a while, Jay started doing one-on-one trainings with students. Gradually, as demand grew, he started group classes, which at the time were not accredited, but found that the way he taught worked because students followed their chosen careers. As Jay saw other courses online and established themselves without any prior experience, he knew that Punkture Academy would stand out as genuine and able to provide valuable support. After getting accreditation, Jay has run the course not only in a group setting, but also in a one-to-one setting and in an intensive setting. 
  Marie was trained by the Academy approximately 6 years ago, and she now works as a Piercer at Punkture, as well as in a very busy studio in Newcastle. She is also certified in Level 4 Beauty which includes Semi Permanent Makeup, and runs her own Gel Nail Course and Lash and Lash Lift Courses in addition to helping with Piercing courses. 

Body Piercing Training Course Gateshead North East UK

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Why Run a Course ? 

We genuinely believe that  everyone deserves the chance to pursue something they are passionate about. Getting into this profession can be very difficult as most apprenticeships are family or friends unless very lucky. We inform every student that if the realise this is a profession they want to follow then there are options out there. Ideally an Apprenticeship if lucky enough and follow your Master Piercer and learn from them  as what we may teach will differ slightly from their way of working.  Obviously we  run the course for financial reasons ( see honesty again! ) but we actually get pleasure from the teaching as you will see on the course and seeing Students either setting up themselves or working in their employment and actually listening and taking small steps and then becoming successful in their own right means a lot to us. 

We also give Support after the course on any Need what so ever. 

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