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Course Structure


How to apply for licence and what does your environmental office require
The correct sized and material Jewellery that you should use 
Positioning of piercings that work with anatomy of customer
Sterile conditions that are the foremost in every studio
Health and Safety 
Consultation forms 
Aftercare verbally and also in paper form
Practice on 1st day on fake body parts 
Autoclave instruction
On going support after the course
Problems that may occur with piercings 
Regulations and age limits and Why?
Certificate on completion 
Correct Practice methods 
Business Plans 
List of UK based Providers for Insurance, Autoclave rental and Suppliers
Risk Assessment
First Aid
Record Keeping
How to attract more business
Waste collection and correct methods of disposing of waste 
Workshop based activities practicing needle positioning, fitting of jewellery, correct piercing steps, on fake body parts. 


Lobes including seconds and thirds, Helix, Flat, Conch, Daith, Tragus, Nose, Septum
Lips, Tongue, Industrial, Nipples, Navel ( belly ), Smiley, Skin divers . 


You will  be working in the studio meeting and greeting volunteers, dealing with consultations, picking the correct jewellery and clamps, setting up your work station. You will then be given piercings to perform on the volunteers throughout the day.  

Accredited Body Piercing Course UK
Practice ears and noses North East Body Piercing Training
Westminister Insurance dicsount at Punkture Body Piercing Course
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