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Aftercare in one ear out the other

Sometimes we will give aftercare before a piercing before care for after.....hmmm anyway

for the following reasons ...

The excitement of having the sparkle creates hysteria of doing quick tiktoc or taktic photos I don't know I'm an oldie ....sometimes traumatised and just won't listen . ..but sometimes customers take it in and appear to be listening but this next scenario is real .

A customer came back into the studio after a refit and said that it was still a bit sore and she remembers that our aftercare stated to gargle sea salt in cooled boiled water etc and she also read the aftercare form. We did ask so have you been doing this and how often .....she replied with " well every weekend me and my friends go to Whitley bay at the coast and I always gargle the sea water " I kid you not !!!!!!!

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