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Get what you pay for

With anything in Life if something seems too cheap then yes there is a reason. With Body Piercing this can actually be life threatening as the procedure is Evasive, you are pushing a needle from one side of the skin, going through possibly cartilage and coming out the other side. This is an injury which needs looking after to my point Pun intended...

This is a picture of one of our customers who went to....just can't say but she sent me a pic asking does this bar look too big as had it pierced local to our studio ...

I kid you not !!!! I asked how much she had paid and she said it was £10 and the lady was a professional piercer and worked from her kitchen. We rectified this which is why I say it's genuine....even a non piercer can see that is just magooooosive . On a serious note though if the piercer has no clue on size if bar....the gi said she didn't look for a vein ...and was performed in a kitchen ....these people are risking a possible life of an individual. No one likes a grass but I'm sorry if people are working in unsafe environments putting children at risk contact your local council before someone gets seriously hurt or killed.

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